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Corresponding and Adjunct Research Fellows

Name Areas of Research Remarks
Pak-yuen Liu History of Han Dynasty Political Systems IHP Research Fellow (Retired)
Zong-kun Li Chinese Paleography IHP Research Fellow (Retired)
Mu-chou Poo History of Ancient Religion IHP Research Fellow (Retired)/Professor of History, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Chin-fu Hung History of the Yuan Dynasty IHP Research Fellow (Retired)
Yuan-sheng Huang
Ken Yao Liang
Tsai-fa Cheng Chinese Phonology Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin
Ching-lien Huang History of the Sui and Tang Dynasties IHP Research Fellow (Retired)
Ching-lung Chen History of North Asia, History of Central Asia IHP Research Fellow (Retired)
Bor-sheng Jung Oracle Bone Inscriptions, Bronze Inscriptions IHP Research Fellow (Retired)
Chung-yu Chen Prehistoric Archaeology, Taiwan Archaeology IHP Research Fellow (Retired)
Hung-lam Chu Intellectual and Cultural History of Late Imperial China Professor, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Wejen Chang History of the Chinese Legal System, Jurisprudence IHP Research Fellow (Retired)
Yu-chun Lung Phonology, Chinese Paleography Professor, National Taiwan University (Retired)
Tung-kuei Kuan History of the Qin and Han Dynasties, History of Borderland Minority Peoples IHP Research Fellow (Retired)
Han-Kuang Mao History of Medieval China, Social History of Medieval China Professor Emeritus, National Chung Cheng University
Liang-tso Chen
Angela Ki Che Leung Social History of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Socio-cultural History of the Late Imperial Period Academia Sinica Academician/Chair Professor, Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Hong Kong
Guangda Zhang History of the Sui and Tang Dynasties and the Five Dynasties Period, History of Central Asia during the Medieval Period Academia Sinica Academician/Guest Professor, National Chengchi University
Cheng-sheng Tu History of Ancient Society, Culture, and Medicine Academia Sinica Academician
王業鍵 (1930-2014)
Chi-ching Hsiao
Cho-Yun Hsu History of Ancient China, Socio-Economic History of China Academia Sinica Academician/Professor Emeritus, University of Pittsburg
Tsu-lin Mei History of Chinese Grammar, History of Chinese Phonology Academia Sinica Academician/Professor Emeritus, Cornell University
Yu-sheng Lin Chinese Intellectual History Academia Sinica Academician/Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jing-shen Tao History of the Liao, Jin, and Song Dynasties Academia Sinica Academician/Emeritus Professor, The University of Arizona
宋文薰 ,(1924-2016)
Chien-lung Lu History of the Tang Dynasty
Chang-Chien Huang History of ancient Chinese, Neo-Confucianism in Song and Ming dynasties, Late Qing dynasty and early Republican Era history Retired; Passed away, Dec. 2009
Yi-jen Chang History of Spring and Autumn period; collation of historical documents
Shu-min Wang Collation
Hsiu-yun Sang Ethnic history of the Southwestern borders in China
Shen-ching Chuang History of art and culture in China
Meng-ou Wang
Kwang-chih Chang
Hsiao-ting Li Oracle Bone Inscriptions, Bronze Inscriptions
Jin-quan Yu
Wan-li Chu Study of ancient documents