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Visiting Scholars ⁄ Students

Frank Muyard
Frank Muyard

Position: Taipei Office Director, EFEO

Areas of Research:

Visiting Period: 2017.1.1 ~ 0.0.0


Room/Call: 文706/177

Chen-Yu Hsieh
Chen-Yu Hsieh

Position: Professor, Political Science Department, Soochow University

Areas of Research: Constitution, Modern Cross Taiwan Strait Political Thoughts, Political Party and Election, Leisure Culture

Visiting Period: 2020.8.1 ~ 2021.9.30

Sponsor:   Fan-sen Wang

Room/Call: 文610/258

kai-hsiang Hsu
kai-hsiang Hsu

Position: Department of History, NCNU

Areas of Research: The History of Religions, Social History, and Gender History in Medieval to Early Modern China

Visiting Period: 2021.8.1 ~ 2021.9.30

Sponsor:   Jen-der Lee

Room/Call: 文613/225

Hsien-huei Liao
Hsien-huei Liao

Position: Professor, Institute of History, National Tsing Hua University

Areas of Research: Religion and Society in Late Imperial China、Chinese Intellectual and Cultural History

Visiting Period: 2021.9.1 ~ 2021.12.31

Sponsor:   Hung-tai Wang

Room/Call: 文612/262

Chang, Wei-Chieh
Chang, Wei-Chieh

Position: Associate Professor, Department of Chinese Language & Literature

Areas of Research: Study of Chinese paleography、Oracle Bone Inscriptions and History of Shang dynasty

Visiting Period: 2021.9.14 ~ 2022.2.6

Sponsor:   Shih-hsuan Yen

Room/Call: 文611/694