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History of the IHP

The Institute of History and Philology, established in 1928, has existed for more than ninety years, over seventy of which have been in Taiwan. With a history quickly approaching one hundred years and being multidisciplinary in nature, a compilation of the history of the IHP undoubtedly cannot be accomplished by one person alone. The “History of the IHP Research Group” was thus established in 2021 to collect, to record and to compile the history of the IHP, as well as to plan events and publications related to the upcoming 100th anniversary. The group’s initial work items are expected to include the following:     

1. Holding regular reading groups
2. Writing specialized collections on the development of each discipline (celebrating the 95th and 100th anniversaries)
3. Digitalizing related documents and records
4. Interviewing distinguished colleagues as well as collecting and compiling related files