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Research Centers

Cultural and Intellectual History

Chief Coordinator: Charles Chih-Hao Lee

The Cultural and Intellectual History Research Center is composed of IHP colleagues specialized in the fields of intellectual history, the history of knowledge, and/orcultural history. Drawing from our collective expertise in different time periods, regions, and societies, we engage in cross-disciplinary dialogues and exchanges, explore possibilities regarding shared research inquires and of collaboration, and serve as an informal platform where researchers can share preliminary results.

Our current goals are largely focused on studiesconcerning the history of knowledge, a relatively new field which has emerged in recent years based on intellectual history, the history of science and cultural history, to explore the unique research questions and methodologies raised by this line of research. Moreover, we strive to consider the new perspectives and topics of interest that its approaches may offer to studies on the history of China and world history.

More tangibly, the Center has been organizing reading groups on classical literature and lectures, as well as attempting to connect researchers, institutions, and related research resources both inside and outside of Taiwan, all in the hope of making concrete contributions to the fields of intellectual history and the history of knowledge.