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Research Groups

Bronze Inscriptions

This group has three basic objectives: 1) To establish and maintain databases for primary and secondary materials related to the study of Shang and Zhou bronzes and inscriptions (including images of artifacts, authority files for scholars of bronze inscriptions, maps marking where bronzes were excavated, etc.) as to create a forward-looking environment for the research purposes of scholars and edification of the general public; 2) To provide a stable and long-term research environment for the study of ancient Chinese history in order to encourage the participation of younger specialists in bronze civilization studies; and 3) To encourage academic exchange between specialists in bronze inscriptions at the Institute and scholars of other institutions in other parts of the world. At present, there are over a dozen researchers from the IHP and elsewhere actively engaged with the group, as well as over twenty graduate students and assistants. Together these scholars conduct large-scale research projects, hold regular discussions, and periodically hold lectures, colloquia, and other forms of engagement.