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World History

Chief Coordinator: Hung Yueh Lan

While the focus of world history research varies according to the particular interests of individual scholars, the common characteristic of such work is generally acknowledged to be an emphasis on comparative work. World history ought not to be considered a “history of the other” from the perspective of the Chinese-speaking world. Indeed, it should be viewed as a source of insight into the shared history of the human experience. Thus, world history should endeavor to locate and explore thematic commonalities between the histories of China or Taiwan and other places, rather than confining itself to the study of those topics which appear to be absent from Chinese history. Furthermore, both newly hired and more experienced scholars from outside the field of Chinese history ought to use their cultural backgrounds to develop new concepts and differentiate their work from that of Western scholars.

This center’s original direction was exploring ancient and early modern European cultural history from the point of view of civilization theories. Researchers have selected more specific topics for collaborative research related to this.