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Scholarships: Huang Chang-chien Academic Research Scholarship

Academician Huang Chang-chien (1919―2009) served as the IHP’s Research Assistant, Assistant Research Fellow, Associate Research Fellow, Research Fellow, Corresponding Research Fellow, and Adjunct Research Fellow.

Throughout his life-long dedication to academic research, Academician Huang focused primarily on three areas, namely collation of ancient texts, intellectual history, and study of Ming and Qing history. He authored a total of 11 books, including The Ming Veritable Records with an Addendum of Collation, and he published around 100 journal articles. In 1982, Huang was elected Academician of Academia Sinica.

The “Huang Chang-chien Academic Research Scholarship” was set up with funds provided by Academician Huang’s family members to commemorate his life-long dedication to research and to encourage young scholars. The IHP takes charge of the scholarship’s execution. Since its establishment in 2010, the Scholarship is annually awarded to three MA and PhD students with ROC citizenship from universities across Taiwan who focus their research specifically on ancient Chinese history, Neo-Confucianism in Song and Ming dynasties, or late Qing dynasty and early Republican Era history. The period of applying for this annual Scholarship begins on September 15 and ends on October 15. As of year 2020, the award money for each recipient has been increased to NT$2,500.

Past recipients(The list below is not arranged by ranking)

  • 2023En-hao Yang (China Medical University), Jan Yeh (National Chengchi University), Min-yuan Tsai (National Taiwan University)
  • 2022Min-ching Chuang (National Taiwan University), Ying-chun Lin (National Taiwan University)
  • 2021Wang YuTzu (National Taiwan University) , Chen Chung-fang (National Tsing Hua University)
  • 2020Syuan Ou Yang (National Taiwan University) , Yen-Ju Chi (National Chengchi University)
  • 2019No candidates were selected
  • 2018Ying-ying Tsai(National Taiwan University)、Ting-chia Chen(National Taiwan University)、Chi Hsiao(National Taiwan University)
  • 2017Ren-yan Sie(National Taiwan University)、Wen-hao Chiu(National Taiwan University)、Chien-cho Chan(National Taiwan University)
  • 2016Sheng-shiuan Shih(National Taiwan University)、Hu Hsu(National Taiwan University)、Chung-yueh Tsai(National Taiwan University)
  • 2015Kuan-nin Ni(National Cheng-Chi University)、Shu-hsien Hsu(National Tsing-Hua University)
  • 2014Sheng-hsiu Huang(National Taiwan Normal University)、Hsing-chen Ho(National Taiwan University)、Suyu Yang(National Tsing-Hua University)
  • 2013Cheng-wei Wu(National Taiwan Normal University)
  • 2012Chien-shou Chen(National Taiwan University)、Yin-yu Lin(National Taiwan University)、Zhen-wen Wen(National Cheng-Chi University)
  • 2011Chin-hao Lei(National Taiwan University)、Cheng-hua Han(National Taiwan University)、Ming-chun Tsai(National Taiwan University)
  • 2010Yi-fei You(National Taiwan University)、Chin-hao Lei(National Taiwan University)、Yi-chun Yeh(National Tsing-Hua University)