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Research Centers

Archaeology of Taiwan and Southeast Asia

Chief Coordinator: Kuan-Wen Wang

The work of this research center is primarily focused on Taiwan, but also extends to neighboring regions. Topics include: the establishment and improvement of a regional spatial and temporal framework for prehistoric cultures, reconstruction of the lifestyles of prehistoric peoples, archaeology and oral history, and Taiwanese archaeology and contemporary social issues such as the history of indigenous peoples and the preservation of cultural heritage. These topics relate to the establishment of a history of human activity in Taiwan, and broaden our perspective in that area by combining archaeology with other disciplines.

In the furtherance of these goals, the center is creating databases of archaeological sites, artifacts, and texts, and thereby promotes the sharing of information with domestic and foreign research institutes through the internet.

In 1994 Academia Sinica launched the Program for Southeast Asian Area Studies. The IHP periodically conducts archaeological research on Southeast Asia as to expand the study of Taiwanese archaeology and identify, and refine research topics. At present, the IHP has already collected a large amount of basic data and created indexes of previous researches. The center aims to promote the study of the relationship between Taiwan and Southeast Asia, focusing on different regions using various orientations, with the end goal of integrating the fruits of these labors.