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Title Author Price(NTD) Date
Radiance between Bronze and Jade—Archaeology, Art, and Culture of the Shang and Zhou Dynasties Edited by Kwang-tzuu CHEN Hardback:800(sold out) 2013/12
Rethinking East Asian Archaeology— Memorial Essay Collection for the Tenth Anniversary of Kwang-chih Chang's Death Edited by Kwang-tzuu CHEN Hardback:800(sold out) 2013/10
Photo Collection: Excavations at the Yin Ruins, 1928-1937 李永迪、馮忠美 Paperback:1,300 2012/12
Catalogue of Excavated Artifacts from Yinxu Edited by Yung-ti Li Paperback:1,200 2009/06
Ta Ssu K'ung Ts'un The Second Excavation Season at Ta Ssu K'ung Ts'un Cheng-sheng Tu, Yung-ti Li Paperback:1,000
Hardback:1,200(sold out)
Hsiao-T'un Volume 1: The Site, Its Discovery, and Excavations Fascicle 3 Supplement 1: Sui-Tang Dynasty Burials Shih Chang-ju Hardback:2,800 2005/07
Hou Chia Chuang Volume Ⅹ: Descriptions of Small Tombs: One 1005, 1022 and Other Eight Tombs and the Shih Chang-ju Paperback:1,300
Hardback:1,500(sold out)
A Preliminary Report on the Metallographic Examinations of Shang Bronze Helmets 萬家保 Paperback:100 1999/06
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