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Rethinking East Asian Archaeology— Memorial Essay Collection for the Tenth Anniversary of Kwang-chih Chang's Death

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    Edited by Kwang-tzuu CHEN

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    NT$ 800(sold out)

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Dr. Kwang-chih Chang has had a long and deep connection with the Institute of History and Philology, in that he maintained contacts with scholars at the Institute since his early years in Taiwan and continued so later at both Yale and Harvard University, while his mentorship has nurtured many fellow young researchers here at IHP.  Hoping to serve as a bridging liaison throughout his life, Dr. Chang has untiringly strived toward fostering communication between the Western, Chinese and Taiwanese academia. 

Dedicated to the memory of Dr. Chang on the 10th anniversary of his death, IHP coordinated between interested parties and jointly hosted a conference titled “Rethinking Archeology in East Asia”, where Dr. Chang’s former colleague and disciples shared their recent research findings on some of the topics and issues studied by Dr. Chang in the past to honor his academic contributions and impacts.  These topics include comparative analysis of the origin of civilization, Chinese archeology, the studies of Shang dynasty and its culture, archeology and anthropology of Taiwan and Southeast Asia, Shamanism and their arts and rituals, and other topics in archeology.  The 17 theses collected in this book, either in terms of their topics or their ideological concept, demonstrated a continuation to Dr. Chang lifelong academic works and his legacy. 

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