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Title Author Price(NTD) Date
From Prehistory to History – The Cultural Traits of Eastern Taiwan Edited by Su-chiu Kuo Paperback:480 2020/12
A Brief History of Anyang Archaeological Excavation Manuscript by Chang-ju Shih; Edited by Kuang-ti Li and Chung-mei Feng Hardback:500 2019/08
Anthropomorphic Jar Conservation Report Yu-yun Lin and Stéphanie Nisole Paperback:300 2018/12
Conversation between Archaeology and History: Seventeenth Century Taiwan and Its Surrounding Area edited by Yu-mei Chen and Su-chiu Kuo Hardback:1,000 2017/12
The First Excavators of Anyang By Chang-ju Shih; Edited by Yung-ti Li, Chung-mei Feng, and Rui-mao Ding Hardback:600 2017/06
Proceedings of the Conference Commemorating the 80th Anniversary of the Anyang Excavations Edited by Yung-ti Li Hardback:1,100(sold out) 2015/12
“Periphery” and “Center”: Archaeological Research of Anyang and the Surrounding Regions Edited by Yung-ti Li Hardback:800(sold out) 2015/12
Archaeology and Sustainability 邱斯嘉、臧振華主編 Paperback:800 2013/12
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