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An Academic Inheritance Crossing Centuries and Borders: Memorial Collection of Dr. Mao-yuan Liu’s Contributions to Taiwanese Archaeology and Folklore Studies


Dr. Mao-yuan Liu (1926–2005) is highly regarded as a senior academic in the Taiwanese archaeology community, and studying under Prof. Naoichi Kokubu (1908–2005), he was the first scholar in Taiwan to obtain their doctorate in archaeology in Japan. His surveys of archaeological sites cover all of Taiwan, and thanks to his efforts, we have detailed records of the excavations that took place at the Guomu site in Tainan as well as the Pinglin site in Hualien. In addition, Dr. Liu alongside Prof. Kokubu conducted research on the Siraya peoples of southern Taiwan and the Tao on Orchid Island, leaving us with remarkable video footage. Following our compilation of Dr. Liu’s archaeological artifacts, documents, and visual materials generously donated by his surviving family from 2006 to 2018, the IHP has published this memorial collection to further our understanding of Dr. Liu’s contributions to the fields of Taiwanese archaeology and folklore studies.


Keywords: archaeology, folklore studies, collection, Taiwan

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