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小屯第一本 遺址的發現與發掘丙編 附錄一:隋唐墓葬

Hsiao-T'un Volume 1: The Site, Its Discovery, and Excavations Fascicle 3 Supplement 1: Sui-Tang Dynasty Burials


Besides the remains from the Shang dynasty, there were also many tombs from the Sui and Tang periods, as well as a tomb from the Northern Zhou dynasty, found at the archeological site of Yinxu.  The remains found at these tombs, dating back to approximately 1,400 years ago, are believed to be of great significance to those studying the history of the Sui and Tang dynasties.  Although many of these remains were left back in China during the Chinese Civil War, the records of the excavation were surely still of great academic value. 

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