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Title Author Price(NTD) Date
Challenges and Changes: Celebrating the Ninety-Fifth Anniversary of the Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica Edited by Jen-der Lee Paperback:850 2024/06
Selections of Buddhist Stone Rubbings from the Northern Dynasties Edited by Chuan-ying Yen Hardback:3,200 2024/05
Selection of Archival Documents in Celebration of the 95th Anniversary of the IHP, Academia Sinica Edited by Jen-der Lee Hardback:1,250 2023/10
Series of Rare Books from the Collections at the Fu Ssu-nien Library Edited by Chung-lin Chiu Hardback:58,000 2021/10
Compilation of Fu Ssu-nien’s Top Margin Notes and Annotated Prefaces and Postscripts Edited by Fan-sen Wang, Chung-lin Chiu Hardback:5,600 2020/12
The Birth, Application, and Evolution of Chinese Jurisprudence: Criminals, Extramarital Affairs, and Capital Punishment Edited by Research Center of Legal History Hardback:600 2019/12
Selected Historial Documents of the Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica Ming-ke Wang (editor-in-chief) Hardback:1,200 2018/10
The Documents of the Han Dynasty on Wooden Slips from Edsen-Gol (Volume IV) Edited by the Working Group on Wooden Slips, IHP, Academia Sinica Hardback:3,000 2017/11
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