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Series of Rare Books from the Collections at the Fu Ssu-nien Library

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    Edited by Chung-lin Chiu

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    NT$ 58,000

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    Historical Documents

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    Full set of 30 volumes

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This series is a selection of twenty-seven rare books, with a specific focus on writings authored during the Ming dynasty falling under the category of histories (shi), from the collections of the Fu Ssu-nien Library. Its contents include documents regarding imperial examinations, memorials to the throne, local gazetteers, documents of officials, and records of institutional systems (zhengshu), among others, which broadly cover aspects concerning society, economics, politics, institutions and systems, military affairs, culture, and geography. Each book comes with a summary that outlines the author’s life, reason for it being written, contents, and value of the work. Moreover, indexes of names have been added which include the compilers and editors of each book, authors and compilers of juan, writers of prefaces and postscripts, as well as inscribers. Considering its breadth and included additions, this series is undoubtedly valuable for related scholarship.

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