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Compilation of Fu Ssu-nien’s Top Margin Notes and Annotated Prefaces and Postscripts

  • Author:

    Edited by Wang Fan-sen, Chiu Chung-lin

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    NT$ 5,600

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    Historical Documents

  • Note:

    complete in four volumes

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This compilation of Fu Ssu-nien’s top margin notes and annotated prefaces and postscripts (with the exception of foreign-language books) is based on his private collection of books donated to the Fu Ssu-nien Library by his wife, Professor Yu Da-tsai, in 1960. Along with this collection of 160 books comes Fu’s personal seal, collector’s seal, and indices of book titles. The publication of this compilation is aimed at commemorating the 70th anniversary of Fu’s passing, the 60th anniversary of the collection of Fu’s books at the Fu Ssu-nien Library, the 125th birthday of Professor Fu, and the 60th anniversary of the Fu Ssu-nien Library.

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