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Title Author Price(NTD) Date
Selections of Buddhist Stone Rubbings from the Northern Dynasties Edited by Chuan-ying Yen Hardback:2,500(sold out) 2008/05
Legal Concepts and Practice in Traditional China 柳立言主編 Paperback:550(sold out)
Hardback:650(sold out)
清代法制研究第一輯 張偉仁輯著 Paperback:2,500 2007/10
Lung-tou tsun : village life at the Northern suburb of Kun-ming, Yun-nan, China (1938-1940) Investigated by Zhang-ru Shi, edited by Lei Shi Paperback:520(sold out)
Hardback:620(sold out)
Manuscript on the Geography of Buddhism in the Six Dynasties posthumous work from Keng-wang Yen, edited by Qi-wen Lee Paperback:340(sold out)
Hardback:480(sold out)
Images of Transportation in the Tang Dynasty posthumous work from Keng-wang Yen, edited by Qi-wen Lee Paperback:210 2006/05
History of the Regional and Local Administration in China Volume Ⅰ: The Ch'in and Han Dynasties 嚴耕望 Paperback:280(sold out)
Hardback:360(sold out)
Collection of stone rubbings of the Han Dynasty at the Institute of History and Philology Research Team on the Rubbings of the Han Dynasty, Images and Artifacts Research Center Hardback:1,300(sold out) 2004/11
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