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Wenyuan Yinghua


In 1966, Zhonghua Book Company published copies of the complete Ming edition Wenyuan Yinghua.  The Song edition, on the other hand, originally boasts 100 volumes and 1,000 books, but unfortunately most of them are now lost except 15 volumes.  13 of them are now housed at the National Library of China in Beijing, with another one now owned by oversea collector.  The last remaining volume is housed at the IHP, and it was not widely known by the public because copies of this volume were never published. 

This volume of Wenyuan Yinghua at the IHP is not only the Song edition but also is bound in the butterfly binding style of the Song dynasty.  This binding style makes the book durable, while the empty spaces left along the book margins ensure the contents of the book to stay intact even when the book is partially damaged.  This is a photocopied duplicate of the original book, with its binding following the Song edition. 

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