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Title Author Price(NTD) Date
The Grand Imperial Celebrations Edited by Hsi-yuan Chen Paperback:600 2019/12
Island Mosaic — A Glimpse of Taiwan Archaeology 李匡悌編撰 Paperback:680 2018/10
Special Exhibition on Qun Bi Lou Collection Edited by Lin Sheng-chih Paperback:500 2018/10
The First and the Last Mandate from the Emperors Compiled by Hsi-yuan Chen Hardback:400 2016/10
Of Celadon and White: Porcelain Unearthed at the Sui-Tang Period Tombs in Anyang Chen Jia-ling Paperback:300 2016/10
A Promise to the Buddha Edited by Chuan-ying Yen Paperback:300 2014/06
A Selection of Calligraphy from the Dunhuang Manuscripts Edited by Zong-kun Li Paperback:300 2014/05
Discovery: Special Exhibition to Commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Tung Tso-pin’s Passing Edited by Zong-kun Li Paperback:300 2013/10
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