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A Selection of Calligraphy from the Dunhuang Manuscripts

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    Edited by Zong-kun Li

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    NT$ 300

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    Exhibition Catalogs and Guides

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Near the end of 2013, the Institute of History and Philology published a thick volume entitled The Dunhuang Manuscripts after a rigorous selection process out of its existing collection. This volume contains a total of 51 pieces of manuscripts, which are of inestimable value to the eye and the historical mind. It cannot be emphasized enough that their values are multifaceted. In terms of philology, these manuscripts include ancient books from different dynasties, as well as Buddhist scriptures. In terms of art history, they are the pearls of the utmost brilliance. The Manuscripts contains prints in original sizes of calligraphy works that are exceptionally beautiful. The Dunhuang Manuscripts contains mostly Tang Dynasty scripts, which comprise all of the five selected pieces. Through these manuscripts, those interested are able to look at the Tang Dynasty Kai-Script in their original state.

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