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Special Exhibition on Qun Bi Lou Collection

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    Edited by Lin Sheng-chih

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    NT$ 500

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    Exhibition Catalogs and Guides

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This pictured catalogue is divided into 12 chapters, corresponding to the different sections in the original exhibition, namely: 1. Deng Bangshu Collection, 2. Qun Bi Lou, San Li An, Pi Yu Yun Zhai, 3. Journey to the Library, 4. Song Block-printed Editions, 5. Yuan Block-printed Editions, 6. Ming Block-printed Editions, 7. Jiajing Block-printed Editions, 8. Manuscripts, 9. Hand-copied Editions, 10. Siku Editions, 11. Handwritten Colophons, 12. Connoisseurship and Collection Seals. With pictures of the showcased items, readers will be able to fully understand the history of Deng Bangshu’s collection, as well as how rare books are appreciated and passed down through time.

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