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Title Author Price(NTD) Date
An Investigation of Western Sichuan in 1929 Guang-ming Li, Yuan-hui Wang author, Ming-ke Wang edits Paperback:400 2018/01
Diary of the Investigation on the Miao people in Southern Sichuan 1942-1943 Yi-fu Rui,Ming-ke Wang (Editor/Foreword) Paperback:750(sold out) 2010/03
The Genre Paintings of Taiwan's Aboriginal Peoples With Introduction and Notes Edited by Cheng-sheng Tu Hardback:3,300 1998/03
Collection of the Yi Scripts: Volume I Edited by Wen-jiang Ding Hardback:920 1993/04
Investigation Report on the Miao People of Western Hunan Shu-sheng Ling and Yih-fu Ruey Hardback:340(sold out) 1993/03
An Anthropometrical Study of The People of Shantung Ch’i-ding Wu Hardback:240 1992/10
松花江下游的赫哲族 凌純聲 Paperback:800
Hardback:900(sold out)
Sixteen Aboriginal Peoples of Kweichow Province in Pictures Yih-fu Ruey (edited) Paperback:800(sold out)
Hardback:900(sold out)
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