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Books:Fu Ssu-nien Lectures

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Title Author Price(NTD) Date
Three Topics in Shang History Lin Yun Paperback:200(sold out) 2018/02
Exploring the Boundaries of Microhistory Carlo Ginzburg Paperback:180 2017/01
Intersecting East Asian Religions Ge Zhaoguang Paperback:350(sold out) 2015/08
To Maintain Parity: Song Diplomacy towards Liao and Jin Jing-shen Tao Paperback:120(sold out) 2013/10
China and Its Cultures: From the Periphery 王賡武 Paperback:140(sold out) 2007/09
From Ming to Ch'ing along the Great Divide William T. Rowe Paperback:180 2005/11
Versions of History in Early China 饒宗頤 Paperback:90(sold out)
Hardback:200(sold out)
Archaeology, Civilization and History 張忠培、俞偉超 Paperback:170(sold out)
Hardback:280(sold out)
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