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Geographical Information Systems

Since the 1970s, geographical information systems (GIS) have been used by the applied sciences, government, and private industry for the investigation and analysis of national land resources, management of land registration, and locational analysis. More recently, the value of GIS has also been recognized by scholars in the humanities and social sciences.

The GIS research group is equipped with GIS software and hardware, including personal computers and graphics tablets. The group has three main purposes. First, it creates digitized maps of different scales based on paper maps, satellite images, and field survey data. Secondly, the group conducts interdisciplinary research using digitized maps. Finally, as GIS are capable of integrating maps, aerial photographs, and data from various humanities and social sciences databases, the group works to create a large-scale, multidimensional, multi-platform digital database. Beyond its contributions to research, this database is also valuable as an educational resource for the general public.