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  1. Disquisitions on the Past & Present is a broad-ranging, semi-annual periodical of both academic and non-academic articles. Besides typical research essays and reports, we invite submissions that are exploratory, discussion-oriented, even open to debate.
  2. Articles are published primarily in Chinese, although English is permitted when necessary. Original research articles must not exceed 20,000 characters, and book reviews must be confined to 3,000 characters; “reading notes” may be of any length. We encourage the inclusion of related images and diagrams.
  3. Please do not submit the same article more than once. At the time of submission, provide your real name in Chinese and English, along with the name of your institution in Chinese and English, address, phone, fax or email. Address: The Editorial Department, Gujin Lunheng, Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica, Nankang, Taipei 11529, Taiwan, ROC. Email:
  4. Please follow the formatting standards of this publication (see “zhuangao geshi”). Include a title in both Chinese and English, and for book reviews, include the book’s title and author’s name in Chinese and English.
  5. This publication utilizes computer software for typesetting. Except in special circumstances, enclose an electronic copy on compact disc with your submission, and use Microsoft Word (Chinese) or a simple text format.
  6. Should your article be accepted, carefully proofread the draft. This publication does not accept responsibility for mistakes in the original submission.
  7. This publication does not take responsibility for copyright issues within articles (for example, with images, charts, or lengthy quotations). Please obtain permission from the copyright holder before submission.  
  8. Except in special circumstances, fees are not paid for publication, but authors will receive five complimentary copies of that term’s issue and ten offprints of the article.