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Papers from the Fourth International Conference on Sinology: New Lights on East Asian Archaeology


The origin and migration of humans, appearance of domestic animals and changes in living utensils, resource management and production of ceremonial artifacts, as well as the appearance of complex society and its related phenomenon are all core topics to archeological research.  The discovery and excavation of several important historical sites in East Asia in the recent years provide us with key information on the origin of agriculture, the cultural transition between Paleolithic and Neolithic, and human migrations.  With these new problem consciousness and new analytical concepts, we can now view several old issues, such as that on some of the archeological artifacts and that on the relationship between state and power, from a new angle.  This volume contains 9 theses and presents new concepts on the study of Taiwan and Southern China in the Paleolithic period, including the migration of the Austronesians in the prehistoric era, the carvings on jade wares as well as their motif and meaning, resource management, and political systems in the Shang dynasty.

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