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Papers from the Fourth International Conference on Sinology: Belief, Practice and Cultural Adaptation

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    Edited by Paul R. Katz and Shu-Fen Liu

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    NT$ 1,000

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    Sinology Conference Proceedings

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Religion has played a key role in the course of development in human history since the beginning, and therefore, history of religion has long been a hot topic within the academia.  Since the 1970’s, especially, history of religion has been a dominant trend in the field of Sinology studies.  This volume collects 17 theses, grouped under four themes: Buddhism and society, religion and art, Daoism, and modern religions in China.  Leading scholars in religion studies share their latest findings in Buddhism, Daoism, religious art, folk beliefs and folk religions, using data including official history records, chorography, historical documents, personal notes, folk novels, drama, newspapers and magazines, religious books, liturgical texts and artworks.  Some scholars have also conducted field researches.  In sum, this volume presents in-depth analysis on these topics.

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