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Papers from the Fourth International Conference on Sinology: Exploring the Archives and Rethinking Qing Studies (Volume I & II)


The use of documents and archives is an important approach to the research of history of the Qing dynasty.  Testing against official and other personal records, these data can provide sound proof to former hypothesis, or counter-arguments against existing theories.  In this volume, scholars have either presented their short-term research results, or a summative conclusion to their long-term research agenda.  These include a study on the archives from the Qing dynasty, a thorough study on the Manchurian files, the making and use of official administrative documents, as well as an analysis of the correlation between the style of official administrative documents and the change in Chinese foreign relations.  There were also thematic articles on local governments and grass-roots society, border trades and interactions between nations, tax agreements and financial management, as well as official rituals and folk religions.  It is evident, therefore, that history may be corrected or even re-written through an exploration to the documents and archives.

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