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Unpublished Manuscripts of Fang Zhi Collections at the Fu Ssu-Nien Library

  • Author:

    Chiu Chung-lin

  • Hardback:

    NT$ 80,000

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  • Type:

    Historical Documents

  • Note:

    Set of 31 volumes; Only the first volume can be purchased separately at NTD 450, others are sold in bulk

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The collection at the Fu Ssu-nien library has long been the cradle of many recent academic and research findings, and in recent years, the library has also dedicated itself to the publication of the in-house historical texts and documents.  Most of the in-house rare books belong to Shi Bu.  This time, 20 previously unpublished manuscripts and codices are made available to the general public.  
This new set of Unpublished Manuscripts of Fang Zhi contains 31 volumes, with summaries in each volume describing the author, the background of this work, a brief summary and its academic worth.  The books also come with indices, allowing easier search on the editors of the books, authors of the articles, authors of the forewords and colophon writers.

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