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Dr. Ming-ke Wang, Distinguished Research Fellow of the IHP, Has Retired as of November of This Year

Dr. Ming-ke Wang, distinguished research fellow of the IHP, specializes in historical anthropology, with emphasis placed on the Han ethnic group as well as the Qiang and Tibetan peoples in Western Sichuan. Dr. Wang has been recognized for his significant contributions in historical and anthropological studies on nomadic societies, theories and phenomena concerning ethnic groups, and textual analysis and reflective historiography approaches, among other areas. His fruitful and original research findings have enlightened our understandings of the interactions between ancient Chinese communities, historical memory, social structures, as well as gender and culture. Within the above fields, Dr. Wang has enjoyed a distinguished reputation, and in 2014, was elected academician at Academia Sinica. 
Following his retirement on November 1, Dr. Wang will continue to offer his expertise at the IHP as a corresponding research fellow.

Published on 2022-11-02