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【New Arrival】 Note. Fu Ssu-nien


Note. Fu Ssu-nien

Fu Ssu-nien (1896–1950), founder of the Institute of History and Philology (IHP) and forerunner of the “New Historical Studies,” as well as leader of “May Fourth Movement,” was also an educator and political critic who participated in a wide range of social movements. His life was significant on multiple levels. In 2020, the Museum of the IHP held the special exhibition “Note. Fu Ssu-nien” and released a corresponding “Note. Fu Ssu-nien” notebook.
Combining a strong sense of design with functionality, this product uses the To Note Pro notebook design conceived by YOW!Design and comes in two cover color schemes. The notebook boasts high-quality paper and upgraded visual qualities, and its unique, patented Y-shaped structure allows the user to comfortably hold and read the notebook with just one hand, as well as being able to remove, switch out, or add additional paper according to your needs. Carefully selected notes from Fu Ssu-nien’s studies are also found within, accompanying you and your ideas as you navigate the freedom and space that is a notebook!

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Published on 2021-04-15