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Papers from the Fourth International Conference on Sinology: Medicine and Hygiene: Some New Perspectives

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    Edited by Ping-yi Chu

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    NT$ 450

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    Sinology Conference Proceedings

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This volume discusses issues related to history of medicine and hygiene in Taiwan.  In terms of public health, there are articles on state management in environmental health, the establishment of public health system, self-management on personal hygiene, and management of transmittable diseases in China in the traditional society and after the emergence of western public health system.  On the subject of the history of medicine, articles in this volume focus on the various topics regarding how Chinese medicine can take care of our bodies: how to define a child by age and treatments of pediatric diseases, changing views on inner organs in Chinese medicine, and a case analysis on women’s bodies and reproductive functions.  Although the volume contains diverging topics, it is definitely worth a reading as each article presents its own in-depth discussion.


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