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Papers from the Fourth International Conference on Sinology: Unearthed Materials and A New perspective


As famous Chinese scholar Wang Guowei puts it, “New learning can often be attributed to news findings.” The discovery of new findings can often alter our understanding and perspective towards old issues, and sometimes, bring forth new ones.

Several new and exciting discoveries on oracle bone, bronze as well as bamboo and silk scripts have certainly led to high degree of attention and discussion amongst scholars, and accordingly, generated many new research findings.   The recent discovery and announcement about a large amount of Chu bamboo books from the Warring States period, in particular, has caused a large wave of discussion within the academia. 

This book is based on the recently-unearthed ancient Chinese scripts, with scholars and experts sharing their innovative viewpoints.  Thanks to the new findings and discoveries, the 5 theses on oracle bone scripts, 6 theses on bronze scripts and 9 theses on bamboo and silk scripts collected in this book may open this new realm to the study of ancient Chinese scripts.

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