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T'ang p'u shang ch'eng lang piao (The Tables of Left and Right Deputy Directors, Ministers of the Six Ministries, Right and Left Assistant Clerks, and Vice-Ministers in Tang Dynasty, in four volumes)

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    Keng-wang Yen

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    NT$ 750(sold out)

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    NT$ 1,050(sold out)

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    Historical Documents

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The author contemplated how the differences in scholarly culture in the North and the South had significantly impacted Tang Dynasty’s political climate, particularly the rise and fall of the humanities in Northern and Southern China. To investigate the evolution of Tang’s political climate and the disputes involving the Niu-Li factional strife, the most extensive approach is to explore the occupational origins and positions of imperial court officials. Although grand chancellor and Hamlin academician were extremely prominent positions, they were very few in number and therefore could not represent all of the court’s elites. On the other hand, the Right and Left Deputy Directors, the Right and Left Assistant Clerks, Ministers of the Six Ministries, and Vice-Ministers of the Department of State Affairs were also esteemed positions that were once assumed by imperial elites and by incumbent grand chancellors and Hanlin academicians as well. As such, no other positions than these four offer a more comprehensive look at the entirety of the court’s elites.

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