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The Letters of Fu Ssu-nien

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    Wang Fan-sen, Pan Kuang-che and Wu Cheng-shang, ed.

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    NT$ 3,000

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    Historical Documents

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This book is a collection of Fu Ssu-nien’s correspondence with relatives, teachers and friends, as well as politicians, diplomats, educators and scholars between 1919 and 1950.  Fu Ssu-nien played many important roles in the China of his day as instructor and acting president of Peking University, president of National Taiwan University, director of the Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica director general, advisor on the National Political Council, and legislator.  He also worked with or directed the Board of the British Boxer Indemnity and the China Foundation for the Promotion of Education and Culture.  In other words, these assorted letters provide a valuable window into the politics, diplomacy, education, and scholarly research of early Republican China, in addition to their obvious value to the study of Fu himself.


The Letters of Fu Ssu-nien is a treasure trove of correspondence spanning over three decades (1919-1950) and offering a panoramic view of the venerable scholar in the public and private spheres. Dr. Fu assumed significant positions in education, academic research, diplomacy, and politics, and this collection will substantiate existing scholarship.

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