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New Reproductions and Annotations of Fascicle Three of Inscriptions from the Yin Ruins

  • Author:

    Wei-Chieh Chang and Che-Mao Tsai (editor)

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    NT$ 2,200

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In 1936, the 13rd excavation in An Yang [He Nang] was proceeded by the ASIHP. The famous oracle bones of YH127 were unearthed. Due to the era reason, these oracle bones experienced a long time transportation. Its rubbings were collected in “Fascicle Two of Inscriptions from the Yin Ruins”. Later, Mr. Zhang Bin Quan did the recovery and compiled “Fascicle Three of Inscriptions from the Yin Ruins” (1957). In this 6-volumn fascicle, he collectively enrolled the rejoining and made verification, a great job.

We according to the witness-examination of real objects as well as the latest academic theories, proceeds the imitative writing, interpretation, and verification to the oracle bones employed in “Fascicle Three of Inscriptions from the Yin Ruins”. Moreover, the book clearly includes the achievement of long-term rejoining, for the purpose of providing the reader-friendly reference and accessing the academic-related prospective conception.

Keywords: Oracle bone、Fascicle Three of Inscriptions from the Yin Ruins、YH127、ASIHP、Rejoining

(Special Publication No. 111, Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica)

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