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Visiting scholar--Professor Keith Knapp

Keith Knapp, professor in the Department of History at The Citadel, United States, has been invited to visit the IHP from May 23 to June 2 and will hold a lecture on the morning of May 27 titled “From Rockstars to Wallflowers: The Transformation of Bears on Spirit Jars (魂瓶).”

Prof. Knapp specializes in the moral and religious values held by people of early medieval China, including a focus on filial children, and in the history of the Wei, Jin, Southern, and Northern dynasties. In addition to several well-regarded monographs, he is a co-editor of Cambridge History of China, Volume Two: The Six Dynasties 220–589 (2019). For more information on Prof. Knapp, please visit:

Published on 2024-05-20