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"Befuddling National Treasures, Puzzling under Sliding Pressure” Timed Competition - MIHP Activities for the 2023 518 International Museum Day


National treasures can only be viewed from afar?

For this year’s 518 International Museum Day, the Museum of the IHP has designed all-new “Befuddling National Treasures” eight-piece slide puzzles, allowing you to first observe from a distance, then get in close to piece them together and ultimately bring everything together. As long as you dare to face the challenge, the national treasures shall let you put them together! Those who are fast enough can even participate in our “Befuddling National Treasures, Puzzling under Sliding Pressure” timed competition limited throughout May. The top three from the event period will be awarded with their very own MIHP National Treasures Notebooks!

Dates: May 3–31, 2023
Location: 1F Space for Educational Activities, MIHP
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Published on 2023-05-04