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“Daji Speaks”An Off-Site Exhibition at Taiwan Comic Base


Exhibition Dates:October 18–30 (Tues.–Sun.), 2022

※Temporarily closed on Oct. 27 (Thu.) due to the other scheduled activity of the Comic Base.

Exhibition Hours:Tues.–Fri.: 10:00–20:00; Sat.–Sun.: 10:00–18:00

Exhibition Location:Taiwan Comic Base (2F, No. 38, Huayin Street, Datong District, Taipei City)

Exhibition Contents:
Daji—queen consort of King Zhou of Shang! When it comes to her, one cannot help but think of the negative images associated with her character, such as the “hen crowing at daybreak,” “femme fatale,” or even “fox spirit.” These appellations all show that the responsibility for the fall of the Shang dynasty has often been viewed as falling on her shoulders, as her beauty and licentiousness led the King down the path of ruin.

In 2020, using archaeological materials and related research, the Museum of the Institute of History and Philology (MIHP), the Academia Sinica Center for Digital Cultures, and the “3D Projection Project of Shang Figure: Daji” work team jointly produced an interactive multimedia exhibition on the Shang dynasty, bringing Daji to life. Daji traveled from antiquity to the present to speak for herself, clarifying the misconceptions surrounding herself and the Shang dynasty constructed by history.

Now in 2022, our off-site exhibition held at Taiwan Comic Base unveils the processes behind the restoration of Daji as well as the curation and production of the 2020 exhibition. From research into the historical background to the textual criticism that underpins the design of Daji’s image, you are taken step by step through how historians used archaeological data and other documents to collaborate with experts in the fields of art and technology to ultimately reconstruct Daji’s appearance and the story of the Shang dynasty.

Please refer to the exhibition website for details and related educational activities:

Published on 2022-09-29