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Celebrating the Double Ten Birthday of the MIHP


Events for the Twenty Twenty Anniversary! of the Reopening of the MIHP

Twenty Twenty % off!, double up on unique creative crafts!  
Unboxing MIHP Gashapon, double down on getting that one you desire! 

Happy 20th Anniversary!
Add MIHP official Line account as a friend and enter the key phrase “MIHP Double Ten Birthday” to enjoy a special Twenty Twenty % off! promotion to celebrate the Double Ten Birthday of the MIHP!

Dates: August 3–September 28, 2022, during MIHP opening hours

How to Participate:

  1. Search @010wveub on Line and add the MIHP official account as a friend.
  2. Within the chat, enter “MIHP Double Ten Birthday” and send.
  3. Participants will then receive a “Celebrating the Double Ten Birthday of the MIHP” Twenty Twenty % off! voucher.
  4. The voucher may be used for in-shop purchases.
  • Enjoy 20% off for in-shop purchases. Note that some items (wooden figures or items, OI Watch, and Gashapon) currently have separate discounts.
  • The three series of MIHP Gashapon have been unboxed, allowing you to purchase the ones you desire!

* This promotion does not include published works or certain commissioned items.



Published on 2022-08-04