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Be Buddy Buddy with Your Artifact


Events for the Twenty Twenty Anniversary! of the Reopening of the MIHP

Think on the No. 1 artifact at the MIHP which has enamored you most;
expound the reason why you love it so, sharing a past photo of time together.
Then find yourself with a chance to win a “Buddy Buddy Gift Set” to celebrate our Twenty Twenty Anniversary! 

【Dates】July 13–August 31, 2022

【How to Participate】
1. Follow and become a fan of our official Facebook page.
2. Comment on our “Be Buddy Buddy with Your Artifact” post including the following:
(a.) [Name of artifact] is my Buddy Buddy because …. (in 70 words or less)
(b.) The date your“group”picture was taken. (the date should be between 2002 and 2022)
(c.) Post your picture and comment.
(For an example of a comment and photo with my Buddy Buddy, please see the comments of the event post
3. After posting a comment that includes the above, you will be entered to win a “Buddy Buddy Gift Set”! (30 prizes available)

Be Buddy Buddy with Your Artifact

The Museum of the IHP Is Double Ten Years Old!
Events for the Twenty Twenty Anniversary! of the Reopening of the MIHP

Published on 2022-07-14