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Museum Gashapon III The King Demands Hot Water!
Magnets of the King of the Shang Dynasty’s Washing Implements


We have been able to apprehend the washing practices and processes of heating water used by the king of the Shang dynasty: A ting cauldron was used to boil the water, and a ting cauldron with a single handle then drew the water out to be poured into a yü basin or pou stoneware vase for use. When washing one’s hands or face, a servant poured the water using a yu shao ladle and the water then collected in the p’an plate with dragon decor. For bathing, skin scrapers were also used to remove any dirt or dead skin. These processes, from start to finish, were all attended to by servants.

1. Ting Cauldron

2. Ting Cauldron with Single Handle

3. Yü Basin

4. Yu Shao Ladle

5. P’an Plate with Dragon Decor

6. The Hidden One

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Published on 2022-04-13