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The MIHP reopens to booked visits from Aug. 11th

The Museum reopens from Aug. 11th (Wed.) 2021. The following epidemic containment measures are implemented and will be adjusted according to the epidemic situation.

1. All entries must be booked. No waiting list will be available.

(1) The booking opens every other Monday for the visits of the following two weeks. Please book your visit via the online form. For non-internet users, please phone +886-2-26523180 for reservation.

(2) Available timeslots: 09:30-12:30 / 13:30-16:30 on Wed., Sat. and Sun. The venue will be cleared for disinfection work between 12:30 and 13:30. Each timeslot holds a quota of 50 visitors, and each person can book once in a timeslot to the max. of 4 visitors.

(3) For booking cancellation, please phone +886-2-26523180 in advance to secure your future right of booking our activities.

(4) Please arrive according to the booked time. All visitors have to take temperature, sanitize hands, and register contact information upon entering.

2. Eating and drinking are prohibited. Mask and social distancing are strictly required in the museum.

3. Temporarily suspended services: water dispenser, spaces for learning activities, guided tours, guiding kiosk and computers, “Daji Speaks” interactive exhibition, and Zoo in Museum: A Virtual-Real Jaunt of AR Experience.

4. The museum continues an enhanced environmental health management. The AC system conducts air-exchange every hour, and the high-touch surfaces are disinfected frequently.

Please see the Museum website news for the booking form:

Published on 2021-08-18