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Dr. Shou-chien Shih, Distinguished Research Fellow at the IHP, Has Retired as of July of This Year

Dr. Shou-chien Shih, who entered the IHP in 1984 and was a distinguished research fellow at the time of retirement, specializes in the history of Chinese art. Dr. Shih’s research has predominantly focused on using perspectives of cultural history to rethink the historical development of Chinese painting, with particular attention paid to the cultural contexts surrounding shifts in style, regional developments in the history of painting, and both the interactions and distinctions between “elegance” and “vulgarity.” Within the field, Dr. Shih has enjoyed a distinguished reputation, and in 2012, was elected academician at Academia Sinica.

Following his retirement on July 1, Dr. Shih will continue to offer his expertise here at the IHP as a corresponding research fellow.


Published on 2021-07-16