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Museum Gashapon II Absolutely ​Awesome

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Full-surface bronze rubbing refers to the technique of preserving the shape and form of artefacts onto a sheet of paper by employing the perspectives of photography or sketch. The rubbings are mostly ink-based and supplemented with decorative drawings, trimming, and collages. Although 3D scanners are available for building models, the peculiar perspectives and the rhythmic beauty of ink in full-surface rubbing add an extra sense of richness in terms of “liveliness” and “expressiveness.”​

1. Mao Gong Ding
2. San Shi Pan
3. Song Hu
4. Zou Ce Da Fang Ding
5. Chen Chen □ Fu Yi Jue
6. The Hidden One—Ju Fu Ji Xiang Zun
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Published on 2021-02-04