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IHP Lectures

SpeakerHsin-ning Liu

The Origin and Development of a Signature System in Ancient China

Time: 2023-03-06

Guest Lectures

SpeakerBuhm Soon Park & Jaehwan Hyun

Lecture Series「Entangling Objects: New Perspectives on Material Culture」

Time: 2023-03-01

Guest Lectures

SpeakerElisabetta Corsi & Sperello di Serego Alighieri

Lecture Series「Cultural Encounter: Science and Religion in the Late Ming」

Time: 2023-02-23

Guest Lectures

SpeakerOnuma Takahiro

Two Manchu Words Referring to the Qing Emperor: "han" & "ejen"

Time: 2023-02-22

Guest Lectures

SpeakerKuan-fei Chen

Urban Construction and Social Spaces in Tainan during the Qing Dynasty

Time: 2023-02-13

IHP Lectures

SpeakerPing-yi Chu

Translating Anima

Time: 2023-02-06

Guest Lectures

SpeakerAaron Glasserman

Hui Corporate Strategies and Islamic Cultural Capital in Qing Guangzhou

Time: 2023-01-12

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