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Beyond Borders and Reason: History of Knowledge Workshop

Date: Dec. 19 (Tues.), 2023, 09:30–18:00

Venue: 5F Conference Room, Museum of the IHP, Academia Sinica

Organizers: Cultural and Intellectual History Research Center, IHP; World History Research

Center, IHP; and the “Qing Empire’s Reconstruction of Historical Memory and Ethnic Identities

of Koxinga Taiwan” Seed Grant of the Academia Sinica Grand Challenge Program

Agenda: See the attachment.

Registration Link: (deadline: Dec. 14; or until maximum number of participants has been reached)

Contact: Mr. Wang Yen Hsiang,


  1. Please do not video, record, or make public the images and contents of the lecture without prior consent.
  2. The workshop does not support online participation or live streaming, and is open for in-person participation only.