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Guest Lectures

Annual Final Presentation for Recipients of the PhD Scholarship in History

Presenter (1): Hsin-yi Hu (PhD Candidate, Department of History, National Taiwan University)
Topic: Taoism, Local Immortals’ Cults, and the State’s Investiture in Tang and Song China (7th–13th Centuries)
Discussant: Chang-yuan Lee (Assistant Research Fellow, IHP, Academia Sinica)


Presenter (2): Yu-jeong Im (PhD Student, Department of Chinese Literature, National Taiwan University)
Topic: Interactions between Confucianism and Buddhism in the Academic History of the Joseon Dynasty: Cheongheo Hyujeong and Kim Changhee as Case Studies
Discussant: Yueh-hui Lin (Research Fellow, Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy, Academia Sinica)


Moderator: Wen-yi Chen (Associate Research Fellow, IHP, Academia Sinica)

Date: November 8 (Wednesday), 2023, 2:00 p.m.–4:00 p.m.

Venue: Room 703, Research Building, IHP


  1. Registration is not required.
  2. Participants who are experiencing a fever and/or respiratory symptoms are recommended to wear a face mask.
  3. Please do not video, record, or make public the images and contents of the lecture without prior consent.

Contact: Ms. Luo, (02) 2782-9555 ext. 351, .

Published on 2023-10-23