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Guest Lectures

Annual Final Presentation for Recipients of the PhD Scholarship in Philology

Presenter (1): Chao-hsuan Shih(PhD Student, Department of Chinese Literature, National Taiwan University)

Topic: Explain the meaning of the word "Yun(㽙)" in the bronze inscription

Presenter (2): Marian Olech (PhD Student, Department of Chinese Literature, National Chengchi University)

Topic: Same objects made from different materials and the phenomenon of zhuanzi(專字): starting from the vessel names in bronze inscriptions

Moderator: Shih-hsuan Yen (Associate Research Fellow, IHP)

Date: November 22 (Mon.), 2021, 10:00–12:00 a.m.

Venue: Room 701, Research Building, IHP

※ In line with the pandemic prevention policy: (1). Attendees are required to wear a face mask during the event; (2). Body temperatures will be measured; (3). Hands should be sanitized; (4). People not affiliated with Sinica should fill out a health record form; and (5). Crisscross seating will be implemented.

Contact: Ms. Tsai-hui Liao (

Published on 2021-11-03