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Presentation of IHP’s Archaeological Research Results for the Year 2020


Date: November 19 (Fri.), 2021

Venue: 2F Conference Room, Research Building, IHP

Organizer: Archaeology Department, Institute of History and Philology

Agenda (see attachment):

09:30-09:50     Check In

09:50-10:00     Opening Remarks: Scarlett Chiu (Research Fellow and Organizer of the Archaeology Department, IHP)

10:00-10:40      Kuang-ti Li (Research Fellow, IHP): “Project to Compile Liu Maoyuan’s Archaeological and Anthropological Surveys and Excavation Reports in Taiwan”  

10:40-11:20     Kuei-chen Lin (Assistant Research Fellow, IHP): “Origins and Comparison of Ivory Unearthed at the Yinxu and Jinsha Archaeological Sites” (to be read by Dr. Chieh-Fu Cheng) 

11:20-11:30   Chin-yung Chao (Associate Research Fellow, IHP): “Project to Inventory Artifacts Unearthed at Guanglong Bridge and Other Sites in Hualien County”

11:30-14:00      Lunch Break

14:00-14:40     Shu-fen Lin (Associate Research Specialist, IHP): “Project to Analyze Prehistoric Ceramic Shards of the Archaeological Science Laboratory, IHP: (III) Hualien and Taitung Counties”

14:40-15:20     Su-chiu Kuo (Associate Research Fellow): “Comprehensive Study of Unearthed Artifacts from the Laoshan Archaeological Site in Hualien”

※ This conference will not provide paper cups or boxed lunches. We ask that you please prepare your own in advance.

※ Please e-mail your registration to (required information: name, institute, and job title). Registration by phone will not be accepted. Registration deadline: November 10; contact Ms. Xu for more information: (02) 2782-9555 ext. 675

※ In compliance with pandemic prevention policy, participants are required to wear a mask throughout the duration of the event, temperatures will be taken, and those not affiliated with the IHP will need to fill out a health declaration form.

Published on 2021-10-28